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Popcorn is synonymous with movie theaters. You buy your ticket and then you head to the concession stands to purchase a drink and popcorn. You usually have a choice of if you want butter or not, which, let’s face it, the butter at the movie theaters is incredible! You get your popcorn, and you go and prepare to watch a movie. Popcorn is the perfect complement to a night out with friends or a loved one. But did you ever wonder where popcorn came from?

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Like so many inventions, it’s hard to say who popped the first kernel. After all, it was way before the patent process. The first verified source of corn kernels that were popped comes from New Mexico where popped kernels were found to be 5,600 years old. The Aztecs used popcorn for eating and for ceremonial use, like decorations on their clothes. Funeral urns were found in Mexico that showed a corn god around 300 AD. It is believed that most Native Americans had some form of popcorn. The French settlers and explorers picked up on this delicious treat, and soon it spread throughout the colonies. Molasses was a popular addition to popcorn, which created a delicious treat similar to the kettle corn of today. Interestingly, popcorn wasn’t officially called “popped corn” until 1848 when the name appears in writings.

Recipes using popcorn were written shortly after, including the use of toppings and added sugar. In the late 1890’s the first popcorn maker was invented that used a steam-powered machine to pop the kernels. This machine was improved and shrunken to the popcorn machines of today.

How Did Popcorn Get in Movies?

Popcorn made it to the movie theaters out of pure necessity. At the time of The Great Depression, many Americans could no longer afford candy, which has been the traditional go-to movie theater snack. Popcorn was popular and cheap, so movie theaters made the investment to install popcorn machines in their theaters. And the rest, they say, is history.

Today, popcorn is a multi-billion dollar business with American consuming roughly 17 billion quarts of the delicious treat annually. This number has never declined no matter what the state of the economy is.


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