With memories of counter tops and kitchen stools from the time we could hold a wooden spoon, we are three generations of mothers and daughters cooking side by side for the love of food and each other.

You'll taste the difference from the very first bite!

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Nancy - First Generation and Matriarch; better known to family and friends as simply "Strong Nana". It's a moniker that fits her well - she is strong in mind, body and spirit and is perfectly suited in her role as overseeing our Carla Corn production.

Strong Nana has her cooking favorites she's passed down through the generations, but the crown jewel in her repertoire is her "Brown Bag Apple Pie". She learned this recipe from her mother so it is a beloved family treat. Once the pie is assembled in the pan, you gently place it inside a standard brown grocery bag, stapling the ends shut. As odd as this process sounds, it results in a pie that has withstood four generations of rave reviews! As a funny aside - when Strong Nana shared this recipe with her granddaughter, Alexis, she was sure to note, "Make sure you don't catch the bag on fire. It will ruin the taste of the pie." Ever the pragmatist, Nana's words of wisdom are so renowned they are called "Nannyism's" and are repeated often amongst family and friends, but always with a smile.

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Carla - Second generation. Known for her bright orange hair and quirky personality, she believes most things in life can and should be celebrated with a sweet treat. Kind-hearted and liked by all, she is the company namesake and the brains behind the butter. She is involved with all facets of Carla Corn, but is the happiest when cooking one of her signature flavors of caramel corn.

Being the go-to dessert maker in the family, by choice and by proxy, Carla is always looking for new and delicious ways to use her beloved butter and sugar. It was during one of these brainstorming moments she began her quest to create the perfect caramel corn. A bit of a "sweet savant" she quickly developed her own recipe for a mouth-watering corn that grabbed the attention of family and friends. As a play on caramel and her first name, this new treat lovingly became known as Carla Corn. Always one to push the envelope she began infusing this newly created caramel with other flavors to the delight of her faithful followers. Her zeal to create new flavor profiles for Carla Corn is an ongoing passion with delicious results. 

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Alexis - Third generation. Wildly artistic and a flair for the creative she makes it all look effortless. She is fiercely loyal to family and friends and can always be counted on when in need. She can adapt to any situation with natural grace and ease which makes her a valuable asset as she oversees the Sales and Marketing for Carla Corn.

Alexis has inherited more than her fair share of culinary talent. She has some incredible dessert dishes (seriously, her homemade coffee ice cream is a show stopper!) but her true culinary  passion lies more with the savory flavors of a good hearty meal. This runs the gamut from her infamous grits, Adobo Chicken or a perfectly seasoned winter soup. She is already instilling the cooking bug in her two children, and although they are still young, the fourth generation is eager to cook alongside the rest of the family. Family and food - it's a beautiful thing!