Poppin' With Goodness

Naturally Indulgent Premium Popcorn

Carla Corn is a unique popcorn brand that can help you satisfy your cravings. We make gourmet popcorn in a variety of delicious flavors and only the best ingredients. Our popcorn is non-GMO, made with fresh ingredients, real sugar, and air-popped for freshness. We know you will love our popcorn. Shop your favorite flavor to try today!


The Treat You Never Outgrow

What food is more fun than popcorn? From the sound of it popping in the kettle to the sound of it crunching in your mouth, it’s the snack that makes you smile. As makers of premium artisan popcorns, our wide selection bursts with flavor. We’ve refused to compromise quality and use only all-natural, high-quality ingredients. We know you will love Carla Corn popcorn and the flavors we offer. Bring back the taste of childhood by shopping now.

How We're Different

At Carla Corn, we believe, like popcorn, goodness should be shared. When you indulge in any of our premium popcorn, you help someone else thrive, because 10 to 15 percent of each bag you buy goes to support a local nonprofit or other charity. But the goodness doesn’t stop there. Each kernel is a little nugget of temptation infused with flavors from natural ingredients and food sources — so you can savor the goodness in more ways than one. Explore the tantalizing possibilities by shopping now.


What Makes Your Corn Pop?

Is it savory and buttery that does it for you? Or do you gotta have it sweet and decadent? When it comes to popcorn, we’ve got whatever it is that tempts your tastebuds. Using wholesome ingredients such as real cheddar cheese and butter, pure brown sugar, and natural cocoa, we’ve got those flavors that make you feel like a kid again. We ship our orders daily, ensuring your popcorn is fresh and delicious. Have fun with Carla Corn!